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James Fishwick

James Weston Fishwick is an Episcopalian and all around stand up guy. This is a relief to his parents (a minister and school principal, respectively) because when he started getting tattoos and dying his hair blue, they got a little worried. He has since cleaned up his act (sort of). James knows an awful lot about music, and until recently, it was not a good idea to discuss this topic with him. James’s other interests and hobbies include choir, ESL tutoring, yoga, and cooking. He also apparently knows how to do some stuff with the internet.

offical wedding pics

You can view our wedding photos here: the password is: fishwick09 When you access the gallery, you can download all or individual images at no charge. You can also view all the images as a slideshow. If you want to buy prints, click on an individual photo from the gallery view and you can [...]

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ross mcdermott’s wedding photo

Our matchmaker has returned some amazing wedding photos!

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won’t be long now

Last night I had my last little minute of calm, quiet time to think; I was driving to Richmond to pick up my good friend and groomsman Scott. I practiced my speech for a time, and fiddled with the dancing playlist. But mainly I just tried to wrap my head around my incredible good fortune. [...]

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just another Wingina bachelor party

PLAY LOUD WHILE READING THIS POST: Just paddled back from Wingina, VA on the James, and boy are my arms tired. View the slideshow Pete, “Tarzan Boy” James is “done with planning, the nervousness.” His wedding toast wil be a bit more eloquent, we hope.

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paying our dues and old man river redux

Thankfully all of Steph’s divorces finally went through last week and we were able to plop down our 30 pieces of silver and get: In other news, tomorrow I am off on my bachelor party weekend canoe trip down the James. Groomsmen Jesse and Ross have arranged this final passage into manhood for me, and [...]

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a few spare moments…

So we are down to the end of days; the countdown to the 19th is just… well, you can see the countdown. We are planning away and should have everything ready to go here soon (cross your fingers). The one piece of wedding “wisdom” I have been dispensing is along the lines of “the planning [...]

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The rumor that we will be serving “Two Buck Chuck” at our wedding is completely and utterly…

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New bridal processional

We had the pleasure to meet with our organist Ginny yesterday for one final romp through our wedding selections… we decided to go with another piece for Steph’s entry: “Cantilena” by Josef Rheinberger. It’s a movement from his Sonata in D minor, op. 148 no. 11. A beautiful German romantic melody, I think it avoids [...]

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bachelorette party!

Would you trust these ladies with the love of your life for a weekend long bacchanalia? Come home safe, sweet Steph…

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you coming?

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